Choosing The Correct Insert

Which variation is the right one for me?

1PC Variation

The 1PC variation is perfect for those that value stability in exchange for versatility. Because of its solid design, the 1PC is less likely to move compared to the 2PC during tight cornering and or wheeling. Pair this with the 79MM inner diameter and you have a perfect combo for daily-driving use.

2PC Variation

The 2PC variation is for those that use a variety of different cup sizes. If you utilize oversized HydroFlasks or Stanleys, the 2PC is perfect as it allows you to remove one half to still utilize the OEM cupholder. If you're like me and have a significant other that carries their Hydro everywhere, the 2PC is the way to go. Because the 2PC provides so much versatility already, I typically like to recommend a 2PC 76MM as the lower diameter adds stability to those smaller cups.

Which inner diameter should I use?

When in doubt, I always encourage customers to measure the diameter of their most used cups beforehand as this is the MOST accurate way to figure out which inner diameter is needed before ordering.

Diameter of a Circle - Math Monks

For those that don't want to do that, here's my two cents.


The 76mm can fit snugly a regular-sized blender bottle and or a 20oz Soda Bottle from the gas station. We made this specifically for the typical fast food bottles or Starbucks Cups; if you want a tight fit with less movement, go for the 76MM.


The 79mm is our oversized insert aimed directly for larger cups. If you use a Stanleys, 20oz HydroFlasks, or the XL Soda Cups from the gas station; the 79MM is perfect for you.


What's your go-to insert?

The 79MM 1PC or a 2PC. I currently daily-drive with a 79MM 2PC as it allows me to utilize my OEM holder for my HydroFlask while also having my cup of coffee on the other side.